Appointment Information

In the interest of our clients, we request you read the following before confirming an appointment.

  1. Please bring flip flops for pedicure treatments.
  2. Heat treatments, i.e. Steam, Sunbeds are not recommended within 24 hrs of waxing.
  3. You must call in for a patch testing 48 hrs before eyelash/brow tinting ,lash lift , lamination & henna if you have not had the treatment before or had it in the last 6 months.
  4. Please inform the Therapist of any medical condition or known allergy which could affect your treatment prior to all appointments.
  5. Please inform the Therapist if you are, or think you maybe pregnant.
  6. You must be 16 years old for most of our treatments & need parents consent.
  7. You cannot have brow or facial waxing if you use any retinol based products or are any medication for acne.
  8. Please contact us with any questions 01925 222112.

For all appointments use our booking link.

Thank you.