JESSICA nail treatments

Beauty by Victoria provides a variety of Jessica treatments

A JESSICA treatment begins with an analysis of your nail type.
JESSICA nail care products are designed to meet the needs of four specific nail types: Dry, Brittle, Normal and Damaged.  The unique manicure is ideal for anybody who desires healthy looking nails, but does not know where to start, or to maintain the look of their own nails.  An intensive course of six treatments guarantees an improvement to the nails.

Manicure   £16.00
Luxury Pedicure   £25.00
File & Polish   £12.00
Mini pedicure with gel   £30.50
Children’s Manicure (for the under 12’s)   £12.00

Payot facials

Hydration Essentielle   £40
This facial moisturises, plumps and softens the skin with Payots hydration range, it contains a hyaluronic acid exfoliation and collagen mask for guaranteed smoothness, ideal for dehydrated skin types.

Eclat Essential / My Payot  £40
This invigorating super fruits facial helps to revive a lifeless and dull complexion, leaving the skin bright, smooth and radiant. Contains cooling jelly mask, perfect for all skin types.Aroma Massage Facial   1 hr   £38.00

Blue Techni Lisse   £60
This anti-wrinkle facial restores damage caused by blue light by helping reduce the appearance of fine lines , wrinkles and broken capillaries, it includes a glycolic peel , firming and lifting foam mask, an additional mask and scalp massage.

Pate Grise   £38.50
This facial is excellent for hormonal skin including breakouts, congestion and redness , this facial soothes the skin and helps to balance the sebaceous secreations, reducing the appearance of blemishes.

Eyes and brows

Eyebrow wax & shape   £6.50
Eyebrow tint   £6.50
Eyelash tint   £9.50
Eyebrow wax, tint & eyelash tint   £18
Henna brows   £25
Sculptured brows   £20

Semi Permanent Lashes (includes lash tint, application of lashes, can be topped up every 2-3 weeks.)   £45
— Top up (15 minutes)   £16
— Top up (30 minutes)  £24

La La Lashes – lasts up to two weeks   £30 inc. removal

Weekend lashes (cluster lashes for an occasion or weekend)  £18.50

LVL (lift, volume & length)   £40
Lashes are lifted adding volume and length, includes a tint , can last upto 6 weeks.
*must have a test before appointment *


Removal of unwanted hair using Tea Tree Oil disposable cream wax.  Ideal for preventing ingrowing hair problems.

Upper lip   £4
Chin   £4
Upper Lip and Chin   £7
Forearm   £13
Full Arm   £16
Underarm   £9
Classic bikini wax   £15
High bikini   £11.50
Brazilian   £16
Full Leg   £19
1/2 Leg including knee   £15
1/2 Leg, Underarm and Bikini Line   £29.50
Full Leg & Bikini Line   £26
Tummy Wax   £8


Microblading is a tattooing technique in which a hand held tool made of several tiny needles is used to add semi permanent pigment to the skin.
The price includes a top up treatment which must be 4- 6 weeks after initial treatment.
Please apply numbing cream half hour before your appointment , this can be collected free of charge prior to your appointment from the salon *


£225 including top up treatment
(4 to 6 weeks later)

£125 top up treatment
Top up can be done after 12 months of your microblading treatment to freshen up the pigment in your brows and brighten up any fading of the initial treatment.

Gel bottle

Gel bottle is soak off gel polish which is highly pigmented, chip resistant and hard wearing lasts 2-3 weeks on nails .

Application of Gel polish nails   £20.50

Application of Gel polish toes   £20.50

Gel removal  £6
Removing your gel polish without damaging your nails .

Specialist facial treatments

Glycopeel facial   £45
A deeply cleansing facial relieves congestion, pigmentation, age spots & dullness, as the treatment progresses the glycopeel concentration level can be increased, a course of six is recommended.

Crystal clear microdermabrasion 30 min treatment   £30
This unique facial treatment consists of microdermabrasion to refine skin texture and fine lines.

Crystal clear 1 hr treatment (including eye mask, mini lift facial mask & neck & shoulder massage.)   £45

Dermaplaning Express   £30
Dermaplaning is a cosmetic procedure that removes the top layer of your skin, it aims to remove fine wrinkles and acne scarring, as well as make the skins surface look smooth, removing all peach fuzz (downy facial hair).

Dermaplaning Delux   £55
Includes a gold anti age mask & neck and shoulder massage.


Luxury Pedicure £25

While you relax in our luxury pedicure chair, you can programme the chair to customise your own back massage while we work on your feet, includes foot exfoliation, mask, cuticle work, nails cut, filed & polished.